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Spare parts for your vehicle DAF LF

Our offer includes motors, gearboxes, cabins, coolers, starters, alternators, control units, cardans, dryers and compressors. Also include oil servo, steering gears, tachographs and tires.

You can also get a fusebox, intercooler, air conditioner, front hub, sleeping extension, doors, frame, bumpers or seats.

We also offer dashboard, front bonnet, top spoiler, lights, differentials, half-axis, rearview mirrors, semi-trailer partition or towing equipment.

All at very bargain prices.

General informations about freight truck DAF LF

A perfect partner in delivery
Agility in dense traffic, easily accessible cabin, low curb weight and therefore one of the highest payloads in its class. With a small turning radius,
easy maneuverability, and with a total weight of 6 to 21 tons, DAF LF is the perfect partner for delivery in city or area conveyance.

The DAF LF series offers excellent maneuverability, easy access to the cabin, low curb weight and therefore one of the highest payloads in its class, comfort,
performance and low fuel consumption. The ideal freight truck for the goods distribution with a total weight of 6 to 21 tons.

Pleasant and comfortable for the driver. Reliable, flexible and economic for the operator. Modern construction of LF vehicles reflects the image
of your company. DAF LF Series vehicles are not only suitable for city and countryside but also meet the requirements for long journeys.

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